Bringing Some Essential Gear Can Make San Juan Island Charters the Perfect Escape

If you’re looking for a new adventure with your family or friends, what better way to immerse yourself in some world-famous, breathtaking scenery than with a private charter in the San Juan Islands? A private charter is more intimate than riding on a giant cruise ship. You won’t be needing a trunk-full of formal attire. Stunning views are awaiting you, but to get the most out of these charters, you should carry along a different set of boating essentials.

Boating Shoes

Any boat’s deck is bound to become wet and slick while at sea, whether from the waves or weather. The last thing you want to do is slip or even injury yourself. The right kind of shoes are exactly what you need. The perfect boating shoes are made for slick surfaces with non-skid soles. Look for non-skid shoes with a wide heel to maintain balance. The smaller the vessel, the more likely it can make sudden turns or be subject to an occasional ocean swell. Wide heels will give that extra grip with the deck, and they’re more comfortable.

The shoe’s bottom will give you plenty of traction to complement its anti-slip sole. This way, you gain maximum grip, no matter how wet the deck gets during your private charter. You might consider bringing non-skid shoes with mesh uppers, which allow your feet to air out when they do become wet on the deck. Also, because you will quite often be physically active, the best shoes will offer ample cushion and support. Read more from this blog:


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