The History and Practical Considerations of Having a Burial at Sea

While there is no solid data on the frequency of giving the dearly departed a burial at sea in the United States, industry insiders have seen a marked increase in the number of inquiries they receive for the service compared to previous years.

When did the tradition start, what does it signify, and why does it appeal to people?

Burial at Sea: A Brief History

The tradition of sea burials dates back to ancient times, reaching as far back as when humans first started going to sea. Traditionally, it was provided for departed military personnel and their families, although one did not really need a connection to the navy to be accorded the rite.

In the old days, the bodies were wrapped in a weighted shroud to be cast off. Today, developments have been designed and established to make sure that a burial at sea not only provides necessary symbolism for the departed who wished for it (or his or her family), but also satisfy health and environmental considerations. Read more from this blog:


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