Top Reasons for Booking a San Juan Islands Whale Watching Tour

Top Reasons Why You Should Try Whale Watching in San Juan Islands

Whale watching in the San Juans provides a chance to see whales thriving in the wild. Residents and tourists from other areas don’t often get to see this because of where they live or the expense of going to tourist-heavy destinations where orcas or other whales are displayed in captivity.

TV whale vs. real-life whale: is there really any difference?

Not many people realize the charm of seeing whales in real life, though images of them are widely available on TV and the internet. Seeing an orca up-close-and-personal is truly a magical event to commemorate—likely to remain in your mind’s eye for an entire lifetime. It is somewhat like the first time you visited a zoo—you might have recognized the animals from your picture books, but seeing those same animals living and breathing in front of you is a momentous event.

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