A Sailboat Charter through the San Juan Islands Unlocks a Treasure Chest of Experiences

See and Admire Sights of the San Juan Islands on a Sailboat Charter

If you are thinking about exploring and unwinding amidst the charming and alluring San Juan Islands, there is no better way to do it than to hire a sailboat charter and crew. With fascinating surprises hidden around every bend of this tiny group of islands, a sailboat charter trip is truly worth the money spent.

However, the greatest attraction on a sailboat charter through the San Juan Islands are the area’s resident pods of orcas, contentedly coursing the island channels from late Spring through the Fall. Because orcas notoriously follow the marine food chain, you are bound to see groups of aquatic creatures and dense schools of fish, particularly salmon, eluding their dynamic predator. Hordes of harbor seals, river otters, Steller sea lions, porpoises, and minke whales add to the fauna spectacle. There is also a chance to spot rare migratory birds in this corner of the sea. Furthermore, if so inclined, you can even fish for Pacific salmon to sample its delicious and healthy fare.

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