Signs You’re with a Good Whale Watching Operator

With the popularity of whale watching on the rise, more boat operators are starting to offer such trips. In the San Juan Islands alone, you will find various companies promising you the best whale watching experience you will ever find. This makes choosing the best tour a bit confusing. There are, however, pieces of this puzzle to be found that solve this dilemma and lead you to the whale watching charter best suited for you.

Treatment of Whales

A good operator puts the animals’ well-being first. This means that they know how to properly approach the whales’ territory to avoid disturbing them and altering their natural behavior. The drone of boat motors can disrupt a whale’s sensors and thus its search for food, so boat operators must take this into account. Keep in mind that you’re the visitor inside the whales’ home. Acting like a proper guest will make the experience more worthwhile.

An All-inclusive Experience

Whales do not punch a time-clock. They go where they want when they want, and so encountering a pod of orca whales can never be guaranteed. That is why an operator that includes all wild life as part of the experience is sure to deliver the most satisfying adventure.

Safety Measures

Like any adventure, a whale watching tour comes with risks. The sea itself poses danger, while whales are wild and unpredictable. Given this, your boat operator should have safety measures in place. The vessel must be manned by efficient staff, including an experienced skipper and a crew with first-aid and rescue skills. You need to feel that the staff will always have your back during the trip.

Treatment of animals and safety measures are only two of the factors to consider when choosing a boat tour and operator. You want to make sure that the tour of choice knows how to maximize your chances of witnessing extraordinary marine wildlife safely and comfortably, without harming the animals.


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