Three Musts When Sailing the San Juans

Sailing in the San Juan Islands offers many benefits, including a closer connection with nature, an opportunity to cast tensions to the wind, and to introduce yourself to new cultural attractions. However, enjoying this activity is not as simple as just jumping on board. If it’s your first time sailing, you will benefit by doing some research into how to prepare for the trip. As a crew member sailing requires knowledge, skills, and preparation to be a success; there are important tasks to handle when sailing.

Pack Different Types of Clothes

Just because the forecast indicates hot and sunny weather doesn’t mean you should bring only sleeveless or short-sleeve shirts and shorts. The temperature tends to change at sea, often becoming chilly with high winds. Also, the weather at sea is usually 10 degrees Fahrenheit colder, in general, than on land. So, to keep your body comfortable, bring gloves, a jacket, and a raincoat as well. This will prepare you for whatever weather comes your way.

Follow Safety Measures

Know basic sailing skills before you handle the boat. Among these are ensuring that your fingers are safely positioned around the ropes, keeping your head down near the boom, and tethering yourself to the boat when there is no one else with you behind the wheel. You should also confer with the rest of the crew about the precautionary and emergency measures needed to ensure everyone’s safety and protection.

Be Flexible

Planning for your sailing adventure is important, but you also need to be flexible because you may find yourself in unforeseen circumstances. Just go where the flow of adventure takes you and enjoy the thrill.

Follow these tips and you’ll experience a memorable sailing experience, one of basking in the beauty of the San Juan Islands.


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