The Power of a Eulogy at a Sea Burial Ceremony

The sea is a special place to bury a loved one. It offers a serene and intimate atmosphere not to be found in common cemeteries. This is one of the reasons why many people prefer to send their loved one off via a sea burial ceremony. However, you can do much more to make the moment meaningful and memorable. One way is to create a powerful, moving eulogy.

A eulogy is like a speech given to honor the deceased and talk about the kind of person they were. It’s usually done by people closest to the deceased. If you’ve been asked to do the eulogy, you may find it difficult to write and read in front of other people, especially while you’re grieving the loss. However, it’s too fine an opportunity to pay respect to your loved one to refuse the duty. Also, there are steps you can take to create a powerful eulogy.

Just Be Honest

Don’t think about the technical aspect of writing a speech. Just focus on your relationship with the deceased and be honest about how you would remember them. Write down the small things you’d miss about them and tell a funny experience you two shared. Talking about how the deceased genuinely touched your life is enough to move the audience.

Keep It Short

Five to ten minutes are enough for a eulogy. Setting a time limit will allow you to stick to the most relevant details and hold the audience’s attention. There is power in brevity.
Following these tips will help you create a eulogy that could make the burial at sea ceremony even more special. It will allow the deceased person’s memory to remain in everyone’s hearts.


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