Elements Key to a Heartfelt Burial at Sea Ceremony

Everyone wants to pay final respects to their lost loved ones in a special way. This is why burial ceremonies are organized and planned with the deceased person’s wants and final wishes in mind. A burial-at-sea ceremony is an honorable, unique, and memorable way to pay tribute to someone who has passed away. The sea itself provides the serenity and peace deserving of the moment, but how can you make it even more special? What elements should you add to make sure the ceremony lives beyond the moment?


Playing the deceased person’s favorite music and lyrics that held special meaning to the deceased reflects appreciation for the loved one’s passions. It also lends a unique and pleasing audial atmosphere. It helps families and friends to fully feel their emotions and accept their grief in an appreciable way: Particular songs can remind them of precious moments shared with the loved one. When wishing to play music, inform your boat operator about this prior to the ceremony so that the necessary audio equipment can be placed aboard.


Depending on the late person’s faith and religious beliefs, readings can be performed during the ceremony to reflect the life they had lived. Such readings help everyone to more easily absorb the loss. It’s okay to add humor or levity to the readings, especially if it reflects the person’s countenance and disposition in life.


Closest friends and families may share some words about their lost loved one. This will help everyone remember the person in the best way.

Music, readings, and the eulogy are only some of the elements that can create a heartfelt and meaningful burial-at-sea ceremony. The charter company offering such ceremonies can also guide you throughout the process.


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