Tips on Making Your Whale Watching More Enjoyable

Novel adventures await people chartering a private whale watching cruise. Besides being able to witness the whales swimming freely in their natural habitat, you can also explore quiet coves or even go fishing. Here are some tips you should consider to make your whale watching endeavor more enjoyable.

Have Your Camera Ready At All Times

The most important tip is to prepare your camera ahead of time. Bring spare batteries and extra memory cards. You’ll be shooting a lot of photos on your trip. The last thing you need is for your only battery to go dead. Once on the cruise, make sure your camera is close by at all times. Whales and other wildlife do not run on a timetable. You just never know when a photo-perfect moment will occur.

Research About the Weather

To stay comfortable while on the boat, you need to check the weather in advance. Is it going to rain or are the skies going to be clear and sunny? Knowing this information helps you take the right gear with you so you don’t have to be distracted by anything. Since these whale watching events may last for several hours, choose clothes and footwear that are comfortable. Bringing a lightweight extra layer is advisable.

Bring Paper and Pens

The scientists doing whale research have given the Orca whales identifying numbers. Some also have special nicknames, Your onboard tour guide should provide you with lots of vital information on whale life and conservation. This makes the trip more personable and memorable, and you’ll want to have a pen and paper to jot down the names of whales you’ve seen. You can then tell people about your trip and tell them which whales you saw.

San Juan Islands whale watching is an event that can create all sorts of incredible memories. Make sure you are ready for them so you and the family can enjoy a trip to remember.


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