San Juan Whale Watching Company: Tips on Protecting Killer Whales

Each year, thousands of people go whale watching in the San Juan Islands with hopes of photographing an orca breaching the ocean surface. It’s not hard to understand the fascination. Not only are orcas majestic, they are also one of the sea’s smartest creatures.

Like all creatures, though, orcas require protection so that future generations can appreciate them. Following are measures that people can take to help ensure the survival of orcas:

Save Water in Your Home

Nope, you didn’t misread the heading. Believe it or not, saving water in your home can greatly impact the wellbeing of orcas. By simply turning off the tap when it’s not in use, you can ensure that there is more fresh water for salmonids, an important food fish for orcas. Other ways to conserve water include water-saving shower heads and fixing leaky pipes at home.


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