Burial at Sea Ceremony Becoming a Popular Alternative for Many People

As you probably know, life began in the ocean, first starting as single-cell organisms before evolving into the plethora of life now surrounding you. This may be why some people choose burial at sea instead of the more traditional means of interment, i.e. being buried in the ground. From water they came, to water shall they return.

A burial at sea ceremony represents one of the most time-honored ways of saying final goodbyes to loved ones. In fact, the practice has been conducted throughout history by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.

Vikings, those rugged warriors of the sea, are known to have brought this tradition to the British Isles in 700 A.D. As a result, British seafarers and the British navy often perform sea burials for fallen comrades. In modern times, many U.S. Navy servicemen still choose burial at sea, the most honorable way to be laid to rest in their view.


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