Why You Should Go on a Sailboating Trip

There are all sorts of fun things to do during the summer, including going on a sailboat charter. These adventures let you create unforgettable memories.

Fantastic Sites

While sailing on a larger sailboat such as a schooner, you will experience many extraordinary things. For example, on the inland seas surrounding the San Juan Islands, there are plenty of historic sites and lush landscapes for you to marvel at, letting you gain some knowledge while having fun on your trip.

You can choose to set sail when the weather is ideal, and when the sunshine is perfect. When you are with your significant other, you can even go on an overnight cruise, with the moonlight setting the romantic mood for the evening.

Aquatic Life

If you are a lover of local flora and fauna, there are specialized cruises that let you see all kinds of wildlife. Sailboat charters give you a chance to view different bird species and whales in the traditional silence of ocean sailing. The Orca whales that spend their summers in the San Juan Islands are universally regarded as an experience not to be missed. Depending on the season, humpbacks and grey whales are also visible. These creatures are majestic, and seeing them in their natural habitat offers a deep sense of tranquility.

While viewing these animals, a tour guide can provide you with information about them. You can see their behavior up close and appreciate how they hunt, giving you a life-long connection to the animals that dwell in this environment. There are plenty of photo opportunities on these charters, too, for all kinds of wildlife.

Whether you are looking to see some larger-than-life sea creatures or just want to capture a romantic moment, sailing the San Juan Islands is a terrific experience. It lets you come in contact with nature in a novel way.


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