Surprising Benefits of Sailing

A lot of people take vacations to relax and unwind, to literally do nothing but enjoy the view. Some people, however, want a more active vacation, one where they get to stretch their muscles a bit while they’re taking in the gorgeous vistas. Some charter services actually allow you to participate for a memorable outing. If that sounds like you, then sailing the San Juan Islands may be what you’re looking for. In fact, sailing has many positive benefits.

Muscle Strength and Endurance

Hoisting the sail is no easy task. The work will help build the muscles in your shoulders and back, which are crucial to many of the daily activities. At the very least, it’s a nice alternative to doing pull-ups in the gym.

Hand-Eye Coordination

The above-mentioned activities also help sailors improve their hand-eye coordination. If you play a sport, then surely sailing is one way to boost this aspect of your game.

Better Concentration

Out at sea, there’s no email or social media sites to distract you. In the middle of the ocean there’s only one thing to focus on: manning your ship. The concentration required to assist in properly running a sailing ship may help improve your concentration in everyday life, boosting performance at work for instance.

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Since running a ship takes a physical effort, the activities you do onboard can actually strengthen your heart, a good thing considering that heart disease is one of the leading causes of mortality in this country.

Calm Your Mind

Ever found yourself drifting into a zen-like state while out in the open waters? This is partly because of the positively charged ions found in seawater. These particles improve the body’s absorption of oxygen, which then balances out the serotonin in your body, the so-called “happiness chemical.”

Of course, it is not necessary to own a boat to go sailing in the San Juan Islands. In fact, there are charter services like Schooners North that allow you to be part of the crew, even just for one day.


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