What You Get out of Whale Watching Cruises

Connecting with nature and appreciating its beauty is possible if you embark on a whale watching cruise. These captivating experiences give you and your family a chance to commune with nature and to create long-lasting memories.


During these outings, sea-trained naturalists are onboard to provide insightful information. This makes your trip fun and educational, which is ideal if you have curious children with you. Specialists can provide details about the behaviors and conservation efforts made towards whales, seabirds, and other fish species.

Whale Sightings

Rest assured you’ll see some of the most majestic creatures on Earth because rarely a summer day goes by where whale are not present in the waters near the San Juan Islands.  This is the summer home of several pods of Orca whale. Also present are dolphin, porpoise, otters and more recently, the humpback whale. Each species displays a unique behavior which can be observed at various times of the year.

Unique Experiences

Whale watching cruises in the San Juan Islands also give you the chance to marvel at the lush landscapes in the region. Not only can you see whales and a variety of aquatic life, but you can also lay eyes on a myriad of bird species including the bald eagle. There is no better way to experience striking forest views and magnificent sea views at the same time.

Taking the whole family on a San Juan Island whale watching cruise gives everyone a one-of-a-kind experience. Enjoy watching whales and other animals in their natural habitat and create fond memories with those you love the most.


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