Must-Haves when Preparing for Sailing

Get ready to experience the magnificence of the ocean firsthand by taking a sailing charter around the San Juan Islands. These events create lasting memories, and you’ll be able to enjoy them to the fullest if you know key packing strategies.

Utilize Soft-Sided Bags

 There is limited space on smaller sailboats so you’ll need to be smart when deciding on what to take with you. Take soft-sided bags instead of square, hard-case luggage. The soft type is easier to store because they can be compacted. The material of these bags also won’t damage the surface of the boat you are sailing on.

Wear Lightweight Summer Attire

If you are sailing the San Juan Islands during the summer, you’ll want to have lightweight clothing on with additional layers in your bag. You’ll want the breeze to circulate through your clothes when it’s warm, and available layers for the later afternoons.  Temperatures on the open water vary with the prevailing winds.  Light-weight long-sleeved shirts also protect your skin from UV rays.

Bring Seasickness Medication

 When you embark on one of these charters, you generally spend a good part of the day at sea. The back and forth motion of the sea may cause some to feel seasick, which is why it is best to take medications prior to setting sail.

Sailing in the San Juan Islands is a great opportunity to see some wildlife and connect deeply with the scenic environment. Make sure you’re ready for these events by packing and dressing appropriately.


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