How to Best Enjoy Your Whale Watching Experience

Experience, they say, is the best teacher. You hear about something trivial and the tendency is to forget about the information, whereas experiencing it firsthand keeps it instilled in the mind. To further understand whales, therefore, the best activity to do is watch them in action. In this unusual yet compelling activity, you would get to experience the wild side of the ocean. Emphasis on the term ‘wild’, since in their natural habitat, whales are untamed creatures.

Just like any activity that entails being in contact with creatures that are undomesticated, certain factors have to be considered during a whale watching activity. It is vital that the company that you have booked the activity with adheres to the safety guidelines of whale watching. The boat must be of fair distance from the whales. A wide berth between the creatures and the boat must always be observed. Keep an eye on the red flags of whale watching. Whales often display abrupt change in behavior when they are feeling distressed. These can include female whales covering their calves with their bodies and too much surface display. If you see these, you can alert a boat crew to make the necessary safety measures.

To be able to watch the whales in their natural activity, the crews of the boat make sure that they tread the waters at a considerably slow rate. Speed and noise can shy away the whales and even disturb their migration. This can cause them to find another route to migrate.

Others may expect that they can be in contact with the whales; however, the term whale watching says it all. For safety reasons, the crews will not allow you to touch, or swim with the whales. They are, after all, untamed and they can pose danger to humans just as much as humans can pose threat to them.

Following these guidelines can ensure that you have the best experience in whale watching. Keeping these in mind and practicing caution can make this activity enjoyable and unforgettable.


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