Sailing to the San Juan Islands: A Relaxing Cruise

Sailing is an enjoyable and relaxing activity, especially when partnered with a beautiful backdrop, such as the San Juan Islands. There are a lot of spots to visit on the San Juan Islands, and the whole trip will only be more enjoyable and memorable when you cruise around on a classic Schooner restored to its full-functioning glory. It’s one of the best experiences you can have above the waters of the San Juan Islands.

The Best Spots

There are recommended spots to go to during your San Juan sailing cruise. One of the easiest places to go is to sail from Friday Harbor through the Salish Sea to Deer Harbor.  This is ideal for those who want a quick getaway to enjoy the quiet while taking in the view of a tranquil island bay.  And there are hundreds more little coves you can sail to that are equally serene allowing you to feel far removed from the world’s hustle and bustle.

Be on the lookout for special tours which you can arrange with most sailing services on the San Juan Islands.

Get Some R and R

Taking some of your vacation time in this place can surely relax you and leave you with wonderful memories that you will not forget. This travel activity is something that you should enjoy with groups of friends. It can be for a day trip, or an overnight cruise for couples and the romanticists. Either way, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity of enjoying a nice day under the warm sun or the beautiful moon, while floating on top of one of the most beautiful island chains in the world.


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